di KIP (Kyoto Information Processing Service)

The AI-OCR-Application

  • AI手書き文字認識サービスは、AI機能を搭載し高いOCR認識率を持つクラウドサービスです。
  • インターネットへの接続についても特定通信として申請をして受理されています。




3.機密抽象化&認識文字修正等、Tegaki連携ツール 「Seisho」






AI handwriting recognition service is a cloud service with AI function and high OCR recognition rate.

  • This service has been accepted (LGWAN-ASP registration number: A801510) after being reviewed including security conditions.
  • The connection to the Internet is also accepted as a specific communication.

Features of this service

  1. Adopted AI handwritten OCR engine "Tegaki" boasting high recognition rate.
  2. Provided as LGWAN-ASP service (ASP code: A801510)
  3. Confidential abstraction & recognition character correction, Tegaki cooperation tool "Seisho"

In addition, various security measures are given to local public entities to use the cloud service with confidence.

  • We are trying to decompose and shuffle the form image for each item and abstract data.
  • The key to be restored will be the customer's local storage and will not release the key to the outside.
  • Encryption between our LGWAN base and Tegaki service is done by HTTPS communication.
  • Between our LGWAN base and Tegaki service is specific communication.

This Solution is Provided for Japanese Language Only.

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