Make.TV Live Video Cloud

di LTN Global

Cloud Control for Live Video

Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud is enabling live and near-live content to be created and shared between creators, producers, programmers and advertisers with scale, speed and relevance previously not possible.

Make.TV enables broadcasters of all sizes to acquire, curate, program, route and distribute multiple hyper-local, live video sources from anywhere in the world to any destination (including video viewing platforms and owned broadcast networks), enabling experiences that engage viewers longer, increase monetization opportunities and drive brand value.

Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud enables routing and management of live video at a scale that’s never been done before. It solves the time, resource and reliability issues associated with live video. For the first time ever programmers, advertisers and any content creator can acquire content quickly, easily support remote production and deliver live content across broadcast, online and social networks.

Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud technology addresses the key challenges and opportunities of cloud video:
*  Speed - be the first to get and use relevant content.  Acquire an infinite number of live video feeds from any source in any location including mobiles, drones, online sources, encoders and professional cameras.
*  Stay flexible and scale on demand:  Scale the number of inputs, see all video signals in one place and change output points - whenever needed and without signal interruptions.
*  Respond to creative production needs:  Our cloud-based infrastructure allows audience engagement by re-shuffling the production cards, enabling creators to participate in the production and curation process alongside organizations.
*  Relevance. Deliver content wherever it needs to be. Route signals to unlimited outputs including broadcast networks, streaming platforms and social media (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter/Periscope).
*  Easy integration:  Designed to be an open platform, our solution can work with any cloud environment or hardware infrastructure to avoid technology lock-ins.

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