Business Process Management Platform (BPM)

di Mavim B.V.

Understand how your business works … and make it work better

What is an organization? It’s a set of processes: interacting, interdependent, and interconnected. Processes aren’t just part of your business; they are your business. Which means managing them for greater performance is Job One. Mavim’s here to help, with Business Process Management.

In times past the concept was easy: more efficiency, higher margins, lower costs. That hasn’t changed. But today the idea of effective BPM is bigger. It includes the end goal every process in your business ultimately supports – customer satisfaction. Providing the people who keep you in business with a positive experience, better products and services, a meaningful relationship that keeps them coming back. And it’s not limited to customer-facing functions like Sales. BPM is needed everywhere: people, teams, departments, intellectual property, applications and data.

Across them all, Mavim BPM provides a way to co-ordinate resources, workflows, and people’s tasks and goals effectively. With intuitive tools, straightforward interfaces, and meaningful reports that integrate your people’s diverse expertise into a high-functioning whole that delivers real value.

Create Context and Visibility

At Mavim, we believe business and technology are aligned: both are essential to success in the market today. Which is why Mavim BPM looks deeper into your operations than others. Connecting to your actual sources of data, in the applications in use across your organization, means you’re always getting the truth about what’s really happening, with all the drivers visible and in context.

  • See business and technology as the partners they are
  • Get a single source of truth from live data in your systems
  • See the effects of every action on stakeholders and customers

Deliver an Innovative Customer Experience

If the customer is core, every process must have customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal. Mavim BPM lets you do it. Seeing every customer touchpoint as part of a process lets you optimize each process to answer that singular goal. Unifying the experience for the customer, no matter where they touch your organization.

  • See every process in terms of impact on the customer
  • Optimize processes with the goal of customer satisfaction
  • See the differences over time and optimize further

Improve Process Quality

Some processes are great, some are better than others, and some aren’t needed at all. Every process step that shouldn’t be there, or takes too much time or resources to justify its output, is a quality issue – and Mavim BPM helps you improve. See where processes can be streamlined and simplified, or how variants could be brought together and standardized.

  • Exposes go-slows and friction factors for action
  • Shows where improvement opportunities are needed
  • Lets you focus on operational excellence

Reduce Operational Costs

Waste is a thief, and costs are its cause. Every process needs resources, but many use more than they need – so Mavim BPM offers you ways to cut back costs to their optimal levels. As you make processes smoother, you’ll see how their costs go down and their resource requirements change for the better. That’s cost reduction the intelligent way: not endlessly slicing away, but making them the right shape.

  • See the resource costs attached to each process
  • See where optimizations would make most difference
  • See what inefficiencies in a process are costing you

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