Loyalty & Promotion Management

di Maxxing MX

Omnichannel Loyalty & Promotion management SaaS platform for real time consumer interaction

“This application is available in French and English".

Maxxing enables companies and brands to engage with consumers in real-time via loyalty programs and promotional management across any commercial or communication channel.

Integrate a scalable, real-time, centralized promotion engine across all sales channels—stores, e-commerce, m-commerce, drive-in, etc.—to engage with consumers at every transaction. Utilize integrated machine learning to deliver The Next Best Offer. Establish your loyalty program and set up your promotions, including instant and deferred rewards, secure vouchers, gifts, private offers, and personal challenges tailored to consumer targets, status, interactions, basket contents, and more. Apply all offers based on a mix of criteria like time periods, locations, targets, basket contents, item attributes, external events, and customer properties.

Collect and leverage customer shopping journey data to enhance your customer relationship and complete the Consumer 360 view.

As a result of our experience in retail, we are acknowledged as customer relationship experts who can handle large volumes of transactions in the cloud supporting various sales channels and consumer touch points.

Gather and utilize data from customer shopping journeys to strengthen customer relationships and achieve a comprehensive Consumer 360 perspective.

Our expertise in retail has earned us recognition as specialists in customer relationships, capable of managing substantial transaction volumes in the cloud across diverse sales channels and consumer touchpoints.

Marketing teams have the capability to design, test, and implement promotional and loyalty strategies to influence consumer shopping behavior across various sales channels, brands, and countries. Maxxing serves as a unified repository for offers and loyalty programs applicable to both in-store and digital commerce.

Offers are verified and redeemed in real-time, allowing for secure promotions that engage consumers, manage budgets, and prevent fraud.

Furthermore, Maxxing provides a suite of APIs that support the integration and customization of the application within diverse IT ecosystems.

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