Make for Microsoft 365

di Portiva

Provision Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites within a few minutes using templates.

This solution is available only in Dutch. In Office 365 you can easily create and configure a new SharePoint-site, Team or Office 365 group. Unfortunately there is no easy way to convert an existing site or group into a site template which can be used for future site creation. Besides that SharePoint does not give you a possibility to update an existing site and apply changes. With Make you are able to create new Teams, sites and groups in Office 365 based on templates. Make makes it also possible to update an existing SharePoint sites and Groups. 

For customers who want to integrate site creation into their business process, there is an API available. Make receives a trigger to create a site when you, for example, create a new customer opportunity in your CRM system or a new project site when you create a project phase in ERP system. This integration changes site provisioning into a site life cycle management for Office 365 and SharePoint and supports governance.

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