Factory Insights as a Service

di PTC Inc.

Drive Impact, Speed & Scale for Your Transformation Initiatives

Factory Insights as a Service addresses both the strategic and execution related barriers that cause companies to get stuck in pilot purgatory. This SaaS-based cloud solution enables manufacturers to achieve unprecedented impact, speed, and scale with their digital transformation initiatives. It offers industrial customers a leaner, accelerated approach that vastly reduces the effort associated with setup, integration and validation.

Factory Insights as a Service includes many of the key product components of PTC and Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite and leverages domain expertise gathered from hundreds of implementations. It leverages Microsoft’s cloud, industrial IoT, and edge services, including Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge, enabling manufacturers to rapidly connect individual sites and implement projects across their enterprise network. This helps companies deliver use cases which build a foundation for digital transformation providing insights to performance, assets, and the workforce. As a result, companies can:

Quickly deploy to improve time to value

Scale digital transformation across your enterprise

Accelerates time to value by as much as 90%

Leverage existing assets with wrap and extend approach

• Realize double digit performance improvement driven by proven, high value digital use cases(listed below):

ThingWorx Digital Performance Management

Asset Monitoring & Utilization

Connected Work Cell

Digital & Augmented Work Instructions

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