IoT Data Accelerator

di Reekoh

Accelerate data from fragmented IoT sources to Azure IoT Hub, SQL or Datalake

Reekoh is an award-winning agile integration platform for the modern enterprise – built specifically to bring the Internet of Things, data and API’s together with your existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform empowers enterprises with tools for reducing complexity, removing barriers and accelerating time-to-value in their IoT and data driven solutions.

These IoT Data Accelerators for Microsoft are a fast-track to getting data from a wide variety of sources, quickly ingesting, transforming and integrating data with IoT Hub, Azure SQL or Datalake.

Each accelerator targets a different subset of IoT or physically-generated data sources:

  • IoT Protocols (HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP),
  • Industrial Protocols (Modbus, BacNET, OPC-UA), and
  • LPWAN networks (Actility, The Things Network, Sigfox).

Reekoh provides these accelerated integration workflows for a fixed 3 month-subscription, including solution design and implementation services, with a rolling monthly subscription afterwards. Accelerators can then be expanded to do more with data (e.g. enrichment through external services), integrate with more endpoints and business applications, or ingest data from other sources.

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