River Logic - Prescriptive Analytics

di River Logic

Azure Cloud powered Prescriptive Analytical Optimization solution

River Logic is recognized by Gartner as one of the key innovators and leaders for Prescriptive Analytics through its unique business optimization capabilities. Prescriptive Analytics is a breakthrough form of advanced analytics used across different industries and business functions to truly optimize business and financial performance and decision-making with dramatic returns.

River Logic’s Prescriptive Analytics enables organizations to identify the best outcome by evaluating all the possible different trade-offs for maximizing productivity, services, quality, market opportunity, revenue while minimizing costs and maximizing profitability. Sample use cases supported include Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Business Planning, Trade Promotions Optimization, Capacity Planning/Production Allocation, Logistics Planning & Optimization, Production Planning and Capital Project Evaluation.

River Logic Prescriptive Analytics scales massively as Software as a Service on Microsoft Azure. Business Users can run unlimited numbers of scenarios to optimize the organization’s processes and decision-making including regular processes and what-if scenarios. River Logic uses Azure Service Fabric to provide the elastic compute capabilities, Azure SQL Server as the data backbone, Azure Active Directly as the highly secure identity management and Power BI Embedded to provide the data visualizations and analysis with the River Logic application experience. Data integration is provided through Azure Data Factory and integration with Azure ML provides the ability to blend predictive analytical models such as demand forecasting and predictive maintenance with the River Logic Prescriptive Analytics.

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