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Semele Test Data Management


Innovative solutions to harness the power of production data for testing without risking exposure.

The Semele platform delivers powerful solutions for sourcing and obfuscating production data for testing and ensuring lower environments are free of sensitive data. Semele’s automated process is designed to allow for central management of obfuscation policies and self-service of data requests. The system is designed to perform across large and complex databases.

Test Data Subsetting

A requirements-driven rules engine that generates referentially intact subsets of test data on-demand without the user having to know SQL, eliminating the test data acquisition bottleneck. Semele's proprietary subsetting engine is designed to work across complex production environments. Utilizing the subsetting engine, Semele can provision data rapidly for testing in a Dev/Ops environment.

Data Obfuscation

Semele’s robust set of masking methods anonymizes sensitive data in a way that cannot be reverse engineered. Data can be de-identified "in-flight" or updated "in-place." Referential integrity is maintained across databases without storing any sensitive data. Data can be transformed to meet all privacy law guidelines including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and FERPA.

Data Discovery

Semele’s automated data discovery utility samples data in database tables and files utilizing regular expressions for pattern matching and lists where a pattern does not exist. The Discovery rules are customizable including allowing for exclusions where known patters or list items exist thereby reducing the false positives.

Data Audit

Semele's audit application performs automated audits of relational and file-based datasets too large to do manually. Audit is different than Discovery in that it does an exact match to production to remove the false positives that a pattern matching tool produces. The tool compares values in the test environment to those in production to identify actual customer data in test, not look-alike data. Configurations can be automated for reuse in scheduled and ad-hoc intervals.

Data Comparison

Semele's automated test data comparison application is compare on steroids. It can compare data in files, databases, across multiple database types or even files to tables to help you locate differences. It is used for a wide variety of purposes from comparing actual to expected values or even to verify data conversions. There are a lot of applications of a tool that can quickly tell you the differences in two sets of data.

Supported Data Types

IBM DB2, Hadoop, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, Vertica, Delimited Sequential Files

Semele can be licensed as a stand-alone product or Semele’s technology services team can manage your test data for you.

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