ViraHawk Automated Fever Screening

Sentispec ApS

Automated fever screening e.g. for coronavirus and COVID-19 protection

ViraHawk is an Automated Fever Screening Solution 

ViraHawk prevents the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19

  • Works 24/7
    Safety personnel will be alerted about potential infection threats 24/7 in app, desktop and optional local indicators like sound, light and lock.
  • Reduces spreading of infections
    ViraHawk identifies potential threats and helps you both prevent contagion, as well as reduce the impact of any outbreak
  • Early identification
    Virahawk has an effective identification capability of 50-75% once asymptomatic carriers and incubation times are factored in.
How it works
  • Identifies variations in facial skin temperature;
  • Estimates the core Body Temperature through sophisticated AI based on knowledge from clinical studies;
  • Uses more than 1.000.000 laboratory measurements to perform sophisticated calibration;
  • Calibrated under the assumption of average human body temperature varying between 36.1 °C and 37.5 °C.