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Powerful modular HR software to simplify your everyday HR

PurelyHR is powerful modular human resources software for small to medium-sized businesses. Our cloud-based platform simplifies your everyday HR tasks including leave management, employee directory and onboarding, time tracking, performance management, infraction tracking, and certification management. Choose the modules you need and the number of users for an HRIS that fits your business needs and budget.

At its core, PurelyHR wants to make your job easier. Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, our software helps you automate time-consuming tasks, frees you from spreadsheets and manual calculations, and gives you access to the information you need, when you need it. 

Our modules include:

  • Staff: Store, manage, and organize employee files. With your entire team at your fingertips, spend less time on essential tasks like onboarding, managing employee data, and policy enforcement.
  • Time-Off: Say goodbye to tedious time-off tracking. An industry-leading solution for tracking PTO and other leave types plus automated accruals, policy renewals, and simple requests and approvals.
  • Performance: Your all-in-one performance management solution. With customizable templates, scheduling, goal-setting, 360-degree feedback, and more, make professional development an ongoing conversation.
  • Time-Clock: Clock in and out. Simple as that. Manage arrival and departure time, total hours worked, and get a real-time snapshot of who's in and out of the office.
  • Time-Sheet: Track total hours worked or time spent on specific clients, projects, or tasks. Simple digital time tracking for your business.
  • Warnings: Improved transparency for employee disciplinary action. Send, track, and store infractions to ensure compliance throughout the disciplinary process.
  • Talent: Manage certifications, training, and licenses to stay on top of renewals, ensure compliance, and create robust talent profiles for your employees.

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