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Sitecore OrderCloud, a headless ecommerce platform, powers unique B2C, B2B, and marketplace solution

Are you a digital business leader struggling to deliver the ecommerce experiences your customers expect? Are you feeling handcuffed by a rigid, legacy ecommerce platform

If you are:

  • Overspending on maintenance and infrastructure, updates, upgrades, integrations and more
  • Experiencing operational overload, restricting your ability to maintain, innovate, and evolve
  • Hitting innovation roadblocks, unable to embrace new go-to-market models, or meet customers on new and emerging channels

There’s a better way to run your commerce business.

Commerce today needs to be limitless. Commerce needs to be everywhere, across every channel, online and offline, enabling you to embrace new business models and go-to-market strategies as they emerge.

To do that, you need ecommerce technology that is agile, flexible, scalable, and composable. It needs to conform to the way you do business, and not require you to conform to fit it.

Sitecore OrderCloud is the most flexible and comprehensive ecommerce solution powered by headless, API-first architecture. From regional D2C to global B2B2X marketplaces, OrderCloud is intentionally architected to support the simplest to the most complex business models and use cases.

Sitecore OrderCloud is integrated with Microsoft Fabric out-of-the-box, opening a whole portfolio of AI, analytics, and commerce and business management capabilities into your ecommerce ecosystem, enabling you to deliver AI-enabled commerce experiences faster than ever before.

Sitecore OrderCloud will enable you to:

  • Manage your commerce business: Managing users, products, and orders across any variety of customers and buyer types, delivering experiences that fit uniquely complex use cases.
  • Grow and evolve your strategy: As they change, meet your customers where they are with any number of go-to-market strategies across any number of channels.
  • Future-proof everything: Take advantage of existing technology investments as you adopt best-in-class, best-of-breed technology. Scale effectively with cloud-hosted everything. Connect disparate, siloed systems to unify your commerce.
  • Elevate your digital and shopping experiences: Create AI-enabled commerce administration and shopper experiences, such as intelligent content generation and enrichment, conversational commerce, 1:1 loyalty and promotions at scale, store associate empowerment, and supplier management and endless aisle capabilities.

Sitecore OrderCloud is designed for both business users and developers:

  • For business users: Leverage OrderCloud’s deep experience solving complex ecommerce, order management and B2B marketplace challenges for thousands of customers and millions of users worldwide.
  • For developers: Leverage our headless, API-first, multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture and rapid development tools to create, configure, and deploy ecommerce, order management, and B2B marketplace solutions.

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