SLM Cost Take-Out

di SoftwareOne

Advanced Approach Delivering Rapid Cost Reductions

IT organizations are constantly confronted with the requirements to optimize and reduce IT costs while driving innovation and increasing the value for the business – and in today’s environment this is more important than ever. SoftwareOne’s SLM Cost Take-Out brings you quick and lasting results in the areas of cost and risk reduction via our unique software savings program. It focuses on increasing operational effectiveness through substantial savings within the software end-to-end value chain.

SLM Cost Take-Out consists of the following 3 phases

Phase 1 – Cost Take-Out Diagnostics: For 1-3 days, we analyze the situation in the company by interviewing stakeholders and relevant data such as software consumption, broken down by manufacturer.

Phase 2 – Cost Take-Out Selection: We compare the results of the analysis with our approaches to saving and avoiding costs, which have proven successful in previous projects.

Phase 3 – Cost Take-Out Execution: It is all about action – both SoftwareONE and the customer will drive together the realization and tracking of the agreed initiatives.


In all Cost Take-Out projects carried out so far – through contract analysis and process optimization – we have noted between 2-15% savings in all areas of software expenditure in a very short time.

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