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M365 Professional Services By Vodafone Business

M365 Professional Services by Vodafone Business are provided in conjunction with Microsoft 365 licenses to help you get the most out of all its capabilities.
Depending on your needs and the choice of M365 Professional Services packages, Vodafone delivers the Microsoft 365 service ready for you.
M365 Professional services by Vodafone Business include services on the Basic Setup of M365 service and features, migration of your data into your new or existing M365 service, training services for Organization Administrators and End Users plus Technical support services based on the Setup already provided.
This way you can empower your IT team by offering expertise to manage, support, and use all available functions and features of the Microsoft 365 service.
Now your business with M365 Professional Services is immediately up and running, without the need to allocate your own internal resources, allowing you to organize and manage your IT team with the aim of growing your business.

M365 Professional Services include:

Setup Service: The service includes initialization and configuration settings for your organization’s Microsoft 365 service.
Available in two options:
Basic - Basic installation and configuration of Microsoft 365 Service
Advance - Installation and configuration of the service which includes additional advanced security settings for Microsoft 365 service.

Migration Service: The migration service is about transferring your valuable data for use in Microsoft 365 services. Your data can be transferred to Exchange Online, Sharepoint or on OneDrive, whether they are on an on-premises infrastructure or in the cloud.
The implementation of the service is carried out in an implementation schedule that suits you so that you can have complete control over the functionality of your business without interruptions.
The service is available in three options:
Exchange - Go to Exchange Online
OneDrive - Go to OneDrive
Sharepoint - Go to Sharepoint

Training Service: Training services for the Management of the service Microsoft 365 and the tools/apps capabilities.
Available in two options:
Admin - Administrators training for the Organization’s Admins, around the management and the Admin environment of Microsoft 365 service.
Users - Users training for the Organization’s end-users around the use and capabilities of Microsoft 365 service

Technical Support Service: Technical Support is about supporting Basic & Advanced installation services to help your IT team, wherever they start, achieve what they want by supporting it now and in the future.
Available in two options:
Basic - For technical support requests regarding the configuration of the existing Basic installation that you have received from us
Advance - For technical support of requests regarding the configuration of the installation that has been completed by us and the advanced security settings that you have received from us.

This application is available in English and Greek

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