Westcon Cloud Connect

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

A complete cloud calling service that enables direct routing with Microsoft Teams, enabled by Ribbon Connect and supported by Poly. Customers today use multiple communication platforms but are looking to consolidate these into a single service. You need a complete cloud service that connects Teams Calling and offers it via a per user, per month billing model. We have added Ribbon Connect to Microsoft Teams and attached Poly headsets and speakerphones. Westcon Cloud Connect marries the richest features, functionality, and devices into a single service to make Teams calling a reality.  It is the perfect solution if you need to simplify and consolidate your communications. Westcon Cloud Connect can be added to existing infrastructure and scaled up and down on demand without capacity or infrastructure limitations. With Westcon Cloud Connect, you can easily scale when demand changes, whenever needed with no lock-in via long-term commitments or contracts. A built-in-the-cloud solution means there are no hardware assets to sweat, and it seamlessly connects the power of Microsoft and Ribbon. It is the perfect solution for businesses adopting a mix of working from home and hybrid working models. Why? Because it cuts the strings-attached nature of fixed-line calling environments and gives employees a communications environment that follows them wherever they are, whatever device they are using, and so they are always connected. Westcon Cloud Connect is hybrid hosted solution that brings all the functional elements of communications directly to the device and location of your choice in a Software-as-a-Service model that is easy to deploy. Ribbon's seamless interoperability with Poly, the entire solution is simple to deploy and use, flexible to up or down-grade, and maintenance is a cinch – because it comes with Microsoft simplicity. Awesome software. Incredible audio ware. Equal exceptional communications. 

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