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WhistleB whistleblowing system. Everything you need to know to set up your whistleblowing system.

Prevent wrongdoings before they occur and receive early warnings of misconduct through the WhistleB whistleblowing system - with market-leading user friendliness and security standards.

A challenge that many businesses and other organizations are facing is that raising the alarm about unethical behavior is not easy. People remain silent - and staying silent is costly to the organization, with serious reputational consequences at stake.

With the multi-lingual WhistleB whistleblowing system, which allows dialogue with an anonymous person, you can provide a secure tool for your people to raise their concerns internally, rather than matters being aired in the media or social media. The system complies to the strictest data privacy laws and is easy to use, both for the person reporting, and for those receiving and handling the case. That is why users in 100+ countries trust the WhistleB whistleblowing system.

Customer benefits of the WhistleB whistleblowing system include:

  • Minimizing risks & changing attitudes
  • Reducing costs & enhancing brand reputation
  • Ensuring legal compliance

You choose the whistleblowing system plan that meets your functionality and support level requirements. When your organization changes, so can your whistleblowing system, as it is designed to adapt easily to your needs over time.

Main features of the WhistleB whistleblowing service:

  • THE WHISTLEB COMMUNICATION CHANNEL allows for anonymous messaging and two-way communication. Receive messages about suspected wrongdoings directly from employees and other stakeholders – and respond with immediate action.
  • THE WHISTLEB CASE MANAGEMENT TOOL enables you to manage cases efficiently and in compliance with local laws.
  • IMPLEMENTATION & CUSTOMER SUPPORT provides legal and communication support for a time-efficient, correct and positive rollout of your whistleblowing system. Our customer support is available to ensure a continuously high service level. Investigation support is available through our global network of local experts.

Data privacy is the back-bone of the WhistleB whistleblowing system, so as to safeguard the anonymity of a whistleblower and protect customer data. The WhistleB Information Security Management System complies with ISO 27001 & 27018 and is designed to ensure the highest data security and privacy settings.

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