Fashable - AI Generated Fashion

di XnFinity

AI Generation Fashion - The "GPT3" for AI images and videos for content generation

The Fashable team, developed AI Generated Fashion an IP technology to provide factories, designers, brands, influencers or marketplaces a powerful AI technology that learns from multiple sources and generates high-definition fashion images that can pass for real.

We are revolutionizing digital content creation, and building a powerful visual technology to solve real problems and have a positive impact in the fashion industry, with application in different use cases.

Our patent-pending technology generates new original images that can pass for real. It does not copy images or movements, it learns about a subject and what details can be done in order to generate original content, giving designers superpowers to create new collections or content before existing, upcycling unused fabrics, exclusive garment with NFT, among others use cases.
This technology can also be tailor-made, to create unique original content based on products, patterns, or brands “look and feel”.

Fashable is a result of disruptive research innovation that started at XNFY Lab.