Customer Insights: 10 Days Proof of Concept

Advaiya Solutions Pvt Ltd.

In 10 days, you can have Dynamics 365 Customer Insights providing you holistic view of customers with actionable information from a variety of data sources and power end-to-end customer experiences.


Our team will start with understanding about your business challenges related to visibility, control and decision making, and KPIs which are measured and needs to be measured. We will start with a set of questionnaires and do a quick Data Maturity Assessment to understand data maturity and identify any gaps This will also contain demo of Customer Insights


We will work with your core to understand various data sources that needs to be integrated to produce relevant KPIs, segments and measures. Also, we will check relevant access controls based on different roles.

Configure and Develop:

We will connect your Customer Insights platform to your data sources and relevant public sources to produce desired KPIs, segments and measures. Our team will also integrate with Power BI platform for reporting and PowerApps for end user self-service. The goal is to provide actionable and critical information in the constraint of limited time. Our team will present this POC to your core team members to understand value this provides in terms of creating dynamics and static segments as well as what insights can be uncovered.


As the business is evolving, our team will present a summary of POC with recommendations of next steps with phased roadmap to implement Customer Insights in your organization and integrating with different application to get its full value.

Pricing Details: The current price offered is an estimate of the actual price as it may vary depending on the following factors: *Variety of data *Types of data sources *The complexity of the data

Overall, the price is dependent on the amount of effort our team would require to process the raw data and derive meaningful insights out of the same. However, the estimated price gives a fair idea of the final price that we are going to charge. we will also integrate this with PowerApps and Power BI for actionable work and analysis.


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