Modern Collaboration 365 Self-Assessment: 3 Days

Algen Solutions S.A. de C.V.

To help you understand your company’s current environment in order to perform a high-level analysis of your Cloud Collaboration Maturity.

It's a 3-stage process. First, we provide you with the Cloud Collaboration Self-Assessment. The sample questionnaire walks you through a set of questions so that you may familiarize with the structure, status and enabled settings of your environment. We will also ask you for access to your Tenant so that we might understand your current environment. After you complete the Self-Assesment, the Second Stage would be a Pre-Engagement meeting with you and your IT Team. We'll review the findings and insights to create a high level plan for your Cloud Collaboration Governance for Microsoft 365. The third and last stage consists of a Brief meeting in which we'll explain the methodology used and the plan, the agenda for the next recommended steps and the costs of the Cloud Collaboration Governance Plan.


  • List of applicable solutions that can be configured for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Skill gap assessment of your current usage of Microsoft 365 subscription
  • License Review
  • Sessions Governance Plan
  • Governance Core Team Document