Regression Test Automation: 3 Wk Proof of Concept


Leverage Arbela’s Regression Suite Automated Testing (RSAT) services to reduce the cost of, and quickly gain the benefits of new capabilities for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management.

Regression testing is performed by re-running functional and technical tests to ensure that previously developed and tested Production system still performs after a change and as expected. Microsoft’s method of delivering updates for Dynamics 365 (One Version) gives a customer 7-14 days to accept or reject an update. This short time window makes it challenging to perform all the required tests and identify the impact of such changes on already existing processes as well as predict and proactively address any potential adverse consequences. Arbela eases this burden by bundling services that include Regression Suite Automated Testing, identifying the new enhancements or changes, their effect to your organization, as well as an efficient way for adopting them. 

Microsoft highly recommends establishing an Automated Testing Process and Arbela has successfully delivered Automated testing for clients with the Regression Suite Automated Testing (RSAT) tool. Arbela is uniquely situated to quickly and effectively deploy new updates due to having teams fully trained on the RSAT tool.

- Reduce costs: Considering the inevitability of multiple future releases, Automated testing would decrease the need for user-based testing. The earlier an organization adopts the more money saved.
- Reduce time: Run regression testing automatically with minimal user or manual interaction 
- Reduce Key Staff Involvement: Client SMEs could carry on their daily tasks without distractions related to validating application functionality during updates.
- Gain insights to an organization’s Business processes hierarchy to drive adoption

*Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now known as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.