BUI Cyber MDR - 1 Day Discovery Workshop

BUI (Pty) Ltd

Readiness workshop and introduction to BUI's managed cybersecurity breach detection, investigation and response service.

BUI Cyber MDR is an affordable and scalable enterprise grade, cloud monitored and managed cybersecurity breach detection, investigation and response service.

The BUI Cyber Managed Detection and Response service utilizes Microsoft cloud-based security solutions to deliver preventative protection, post-breach detection, investigation services and response. BUI’s cybersecurity experts continuously monitors your managed assets for potential and existing vulnerabilities, threats and breaches and have the expertise and tools to respond in minutes.


This offer is for the initial 1-Day discovery workshop and is completed absolutely FREE!

  • Assess current licensing, utilization and service requirements
  • Assess existing detection solutions and services
  • Complete a holistic cybersecurity management gap analysis and identify a roadmap
  • Compile the managed MDR proposal

The outcome of the initial discovery session and corroborated service requirements is a proposal comprising business objectives, cybersecurity roadmap, managed services explained, licensing requirements and cost proposal.

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