Teams / Microsoft 365 Adoption: 5-Wk Impl

Centric Consulting, LLC

Provides an adoption and change management strategy that ensures the proper use of different Microsoft 365 workloads, leading to increased adoption, using a third party product called Orchestry.

The Microsoft Teams/Microsoft 365 Adoption Offering helps organizations define a 'what to use when' strategy to help drive adoption of Microsoft 365. This helps to standardize on specific Microsoft 365 capabilities for business processes and to provide training and engagement to drive usage across Microsoft 365. A customized Adoption and Change Management (ACM) program can be designed to cover areas such as Training Plans, Communications Plans, Sponsor Plans, Change Network Plans, and Resistance Management Plans. Outcomes/Deliverables:

  • ACM Workshop: A workshop for stakeholders in IT, Communications, Training, and business units to define and support the communication, training, champions, and support readiness for Microsoft Teams.
  • ACM Plan: Development of a customized ACM plan covering Training, Communications, Sponsorship, Change Network, and Resistance Management.
  • Configuration Review and Governance Workshop: Conduct a thorough review of the Microsoft Teams configuration and conduct a deep-dive Governance Workshop to improve the security, compliance, and adoption of Microsoft Teams.
  • Workspace Directory: Installation and rollout of the Workspace Directory to provide complete visibility on all teams and SharePoint sites in a simple interface that helps manage and operate the organization’s teams and sites.
  • Installation: Installation and configuration of the Orchestry App and made available across the organization.
  • Knowledge Base: Access to the Orchestry knowledge base for training materials and support in configuring, managing, and operating the tools.
  • Training: Basic training for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online admins on configuring and updating templates, the workspace directory and general Orchestry usage. End user training materials for Workspace usage can also be provided.

The estimated cost depends on the level of detail/topics covered in the Governance planning and the amount of training and training materials needed for the organization.