Automated Testing: 2 Week Assessment

Columbus Global

Learn how to reduce risk, lower costs and boost productivity with automated testing of Dynamics 365. Sign up for our 2-week assessment.

Why do your Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications need automated testing?

With the rapid digital transformation, your customers’ demands are also evolving at a fast rate. To respond to them, you must be able to derive meaningful insights from the data generated by your key functions, and you need to make sure that the quality of your business applications is second to none. Automated testing is a great method to ensure that your high-performance applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/Supply Chain Management work as intentded.

What’s in it for you?:

We have built a two-week assessment designed to determine if your company is ready for automated testing. After the assessment you will now if the investment is feasible for you. The assessment consists of the following elements

  • Feasibility analysis on applications and integrations
  • Identification of automation scope
  • Verification of required documentation availability
  • Understanding of critical business scenarios and risks
  • Discussion on suitable automation tools and license requirements
  • Analysis of test environment requirements
  • Assessment agenda

    • Week 1: In the first week of the assessment we will investigate your application and integrations, draft the scope of testing, conduct a documentation analysis for sufficiency, list connectivity and access requirements and evaluate automation tools.
    • Week 2: In the second week we will setup the required tools and framework, draft a high-level test approach and strategy, develop automation POC for sample processes and give you a walkthrough of the assessment.
    • Deliverables

      • Test Automation Feasibility Assessment report
      • Suggested automation tools
      • License information
      • Full solution automation roadmap and plan
      • Test scripts and results for agreed sample processes

      *** The final pricing and timeframe will be on custom terms.