Real Estate Dashboard: 10-Day Implementation

iLink Systems, Inc.

*An in-depth engagement leading to an implementation of a Real Estate Agent Dashboard.*

iLink has created a standard Real Estate Agent Dashboard that helps track Agents’ performance within a Real Estate company as well as external Real estate agents through publicly available data. ### Deliverables Individual reports drill-down into the following and can be filtered based on a specific Agency or a Region: * Top Agents in a geography * No. of Agents in a geography * No. of Units in a geography * Selling in a geography agents, $, units * Listing in a geography agents, $, units * Top Agents by total $, list $, sell $ * Drill Down of Agencies by volume, agency, program overview This dashboard also allows you to view the real estate agent data based on Volume ($) order. **Note** * This dashboard can be implemented for any real estate agency and can consume data from Excel or CSV files. * If data is made readily available by you, iLink can implement this dashboard in 10 days with standard templates. Any customizations need to be estimated separately.

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