Teams SpeedTrack Implement for Manufacturing-10wks

Lighthouse Global

Provide a defensible framework for legal (e-discovery), compliance and other stakeholders to approve a rollout of Teams in manufacturing organizations.

Lighthouse helps manufacturing organizations deploy Microsoft Teams and will:

-Provide an overview of how Teams works (from an end-user, administrator, and technical perspective), relevant eDiscovery, information governance considerations, and auditing considerations. -Submit a detailed report summarizing our findings, including current legal and compliance risks, and risk mitigation strategies. -Enable legal and compliance teams for a successful implementation that includes configuration, automation, validation, and training.

Agenda I. Review with appropriate stakeholders the company’s vision and strategy for Teams, including (if available) internal deployment roadmap. a. Identify use cases, including personal, department, business unit, regional, and any other criteria under consideration for Teams deployment (single roll-out vs. tailored). II. Conduct deep dive sessions with records management, eDiscovery and privacy stakeholders to review Teams’ business/end-user functionality to ensure impact on these Legal and Compliance functions is clearly understood. III. Capture functional requirements for legal and compliance in Teams, including: a. Processing personal data (to confirm whether certain features constitute additional processing activities and additional steps required) b. Retention and disposition (for private/group messages, documents and other artifacts) c. Identification (for litigation/investigation matters and data subject requests) d. Preservation (to meet legal hold obligations) e. Collection (for litigation/investigation matters and data subject requests) f. Review (for small matters and/or data subject requests) g. Export (to enable additional search/review by third-party providers) h. Downstream processing and production requirements (for litigation/investigation matters and data subject requests) IV. Create testing plan (FastTrack includes preliminary testing only) a. Identify use cases b. Identify volume of testing