Customer Voice: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

Softcrylic LLC

  • FREE Proof of Concept utilizing Microsoft's Customer Voice and the Power Platform to visualize customer sentiment on your research topic.*

Softcrylic’s team of VoC experts will implement a proof of concept on your research case, developing a survey of less than 10 questions, sending to your targeted list of no more than 10000 recipients, and compiling no more than 500 responses into a compelling interactive report that provides actionable insights on the responses. This rapid VOC pilot deployment is a ZERO risk way to explore the way that Voice of the Customer research on the Power Platform can transform your business. Deliverables from the POC will include a custom survey, audience list, and Power BI report. You will be provided with complete walk through of the POC, recommendations toward future research, along with delivery timelines and pricing for extended engagement.

Agenda for our Proof of Concept, Delivered in 5 working days:

Step 1: Understand Research Goals

  • Assess research topic and methodology for assessment
  • Understand business requirements
  • Discuss and agree on scope of proof of concept

Step 2: Survey Design

  • Prepare survey approach
  • Build survey form and logical framework
  • Survey QA and Testing

Step 3: Audience Targeting

  • Extract audience
  • Assess audience demographic data for reporting
  • Deliver Survey

Step 4: Reporting

  • Prep response data and stitch to available demographics
  • Develop semantic layer logic
  • Deliver survey reporting

Step 5: Walk through and handover to owners

  • A comprehensive walkthrough of the survey and reporting
  • Discussing a roadmap for implementing VOC campaigns
  • Recommending next steps for ongoing engagement.


  • One specific research topic, clearly communicated over a brief call
  • Data Sets for the audience and demographics to be shared in flat file format
  • Maximum 10 Survey Questions
  • Maximum 10000 Recipients
  • Maximum 500 Responses
  • One reporting page