Client Voice Analytics: 1-Day Assessment


An engagement that provides an estimate of a Cognitive Services and Power BI-based solution to analyze your client feedback.

Analyze your client feedback with Cognitive Services and Power BI.

Your clients communicate with you using different channels: surveys, phone calls, chat, or email. Analyzing data by reading or listening is not efficient.

Cognitive Services is an intelligent API that allow you to do speech analysis, text analytics, topic detection, or sentiment analytics among others.

Cognitive Services enables you to understand what your clients are telling you about your products or services. We can also analyze what your clients think about you, or their feedback about how you did it.

Understanding client feedback quickly is key to improve services, reduce support calls, reduce customer churn, or increase the life time value of our clients.

During this assessment, SolidQ will review your current environment, data, and client interactions.


A report that provides estimates on cost, timing, value, and next steps for a Cognitive Services and Power BI solution.


  • Depending on the complexity, volume, systems or areas covered this assessment may take longer than the estimated initial day.
  • T&E not included.