Subcontract Management

CEM Business Solutions Inc

Manage contract terms, prepare and process subcontractor purchase orders and generate reports.

Is managing sub-contractors quite a challenge for your company? Not anymore! With CEM’s Subcontract Management App, your job just got easier! Subcontract Management offers you the most suitable features that you are looking for. Create sub-contractors’ master, administer the terms and conditions for contract and prepare purchase order reports for further process.


1) Subcontract services master

2) Scope details

3) Subcontract purchase order

4) Scope change management

5) Guarantee & warranted capture

6) Invoice management

7) Subcontract transaction inquiry features

8) Summarized and detailed reports for all your business needs


1) Control and manage your subcontractors using centralized data master.

2) Easy to track and manage subcontract services master.

3) Work scope capture makes it simple to handle contracts entered with your subcontractor.

4) Exercise control over your purchase order based on scope of work.

5) Be flexible with your work scope using change management feature.

6) Use wizards to capture subcontractor invoices.

7) Anytime inquiry and customized reports for informed decision making.