Avanade Grant Making Solution FY24

作成者: Avanade, Inc.

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Comprehensive grant management over the entire grant lifecycle allowing grantmakers to save time.

The solution offers comprehensive end to end grant management over the entire grant lifecycle allowing grantmakers to save time by making processes effective and transparent.  Grantmakers can utilize a 2-step grant request process including a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and a more detailed Application with automated conversion processes from LOI to Application and Application to Award.  Grantor Application and Report Designers provide flexibility for multiple sections, templating, and question branching.  Program Officers can utilize request portfolio management with stage workflow configurable by program.  

Grant Managers can leverage the requirement and payment schedulers to optimize the grant administration process.  Grantee’s will enjoy a user-friendly, intuitive grantee portal experience for submitting LOIs & applications, tracking application status and due dates for grant requirements, searching for new grant opportunities, and payment tracking.  Reviewers can leverage a simplified application review interface with responses on the left panel and the reviewer scoring and comments on the right panel.  Grantmaking leadership and funders will appreciate the outcome management functionality to measure and evaluate impact for more strategic decision making.  Finally, all grantmaking stakeholders will take comfort in knowing that the solution leverages the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and CDM enabling interoperability.