Location Insights

作成者: C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd


Location Insights

Customers are increasingly embracing digital means of communication ranging from text-based services, automated voice responses, self-service through internet and kiosks. At the same time, for important and urgent services we still prefer human interactions, and often insist on face-to-face meetings. With time becoming increasingly scarce and commuting time increasing, the customers are no longer willing to visit you to resolve these issues. Rather, they expect your organization to come to them.
CCentric's Location Insight helps you identify the best qualified and available resource for the job and ensures immediate assignment. The solution integrates with your customer-management processes and streamlines location-based assignments.

The solution for Location Insights comprises of:


  • Shows all field force available for the job
  • Recommends the resources based on the competence, skills or any otherqualifying parameters
  • Shows distance and time to reach the customer destination on a real-time basis

Route Planning:

  • Fetches the appointments/task planned for the date and suggests sequential, optimized and custom route plan on the map
  • Shows the estimated travel time
  • Shows the activity information on plotting


  • Plots the entity records on the map which are near to user (within the radius specified)

Route Monitoring:

  • Shows the current location of the executives on the map
  • Lists the appointments/task available for particular date
  • Shows the executives’ location tracking which helps the user to identify route followed by the executive


  • Versatile and extensible -the solution works on any entity & any business process.
  • Real time collaboration -allows real-time communication between the field, the central team and the customer.
  • Real-time tracking of executives helps increase accountability and productivity
  • Reduced drive time - Field user can choose the optimized route which reduces his drive time
  • Discover Nearby locations - Can easily view the near by prospects from user’s current location