DocuSign CLM Connector

作成者: Marshfield Consulting LLC

Connect DocuSign CLM to Dynamics 365 for Doc Gen, Document Management, eSignature, and CLM

Marshfield Consulting's DocuSign CLM Connector connects DocuSign CLM with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Marshfield Consulting DocuSign CLM Connector creates the ability to integrate DocuSign CLM with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline the contract lifecycle management (CLM) process around Sales Contracts to increase productivity and shorten sales cycles. The connector combines the user experience in Dynamics 365 with the powerful features of DocuSign CLM by allowing sales users to quickly create or upload a contract to initiate the CLM process and then allowing them to access the contract through an embedded widget available on the Account or Opportunity (or Other) page.

Unlocking the power of DocuSign CLM within Dynamics 365

  • Quickly generate contracts using data from within Dynamics 365 and combining it with DocuSign CLM's easy to use and powerful Doc Gen capabilities
  • Embed the contract documents, in-flight or at rest, within the familiar Dynamics 365 interface to keep them at the fingertips of your end users - all while in context of the rich Sales and Customer data within Dynamics 365
  • Administer Doc Gen field mappings within Dynamics with clicks, not code, to allow client Admin to maintain, extend, and create templates autonomously
  • Access the full and complete Contract Lifecycle Management capabilities of DocuSign CLM's AI-powered platform, which includes workflow routing, approvals, redlining, eSignature, expiration/renewal reminders, and the ability to extract and summarize key contract details through use of AI

Capabilities of Marshfield Consulting's DocuSign CLM Connector

  • Integrate a Microsoft Dynamics instance to a DocuSign CLM Demo or Prod instance
  • Embed a DocuSign CLM folder widget to any Dynamics page
  • Create folder mappings for the embedded widget to build folder and path based on field data
  • Implement field mappings to be used in DocuSign CLM Doc Gen configs
  • Add a Doc Gen Launch button to any page
  • Administrative features that allow assigning access to the Connector on a per user basis

Extending the Solution with DocuSign CLM

As noted, this Connector requires access to a DocuSign CLM account. Within that DocuSign CLM account, configuration will be required to fully implement Doc Gen features and other DocuSign CLM-specific configurations may be required depending on the specific use case. Marshfield Consulting is a Platinum Partner of DocuSign and can work with you on establishing or improving any DocuSign CLM solution.

New DocuSign CLM Solutions

If you are interested in implementing a new DocuSign CLM solution, please review different implementation options here:

Existing DocuSign CLM Solutions

If you are a current DocuSign CLM customer and have an existing solution in place, this Connector should allow you to update existing Doc Gen configurations and remap the fields to leverage fields from within Dynamics. Access the Help section for guides on setup.

About Marshfield Consulting

Marshfield Consulting is a Platinum Partner of DocuSign who has completed over 100 successful DocuSign CLM deployments in Technology, Health and Life Sciences, Not for Profit, State and Local, Education, Sports, Construction, etc. in companies ranging from Global Enterprises, Mid-Market, and SMB. We have decades of experience solving contract challenges and delivering outcomes for our clients using DocuSign CLM.