HeyTaco! for Teams

HeyTaco, LLC

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Create a more positive workplace by bringing people together through recognition and rewards.

HeyTaco! helps build a stronger company culture by inspiring positive communication, and by bringing people together through recognition, appreciation, and rewards. Every day, each person has 5 tacos to give to other team members. Tacos are given to show appreciation and to recognize everything from small wins to huge accomplishments. People can then use their accrued tacos to redeem exciting individual or team-based rewards that you’ve created.

With gamification mechanisms like leaderboards and achievement levels, HeyTaco! makes peer recognition fun and rewarding for the whole team. By using tacos as a currency, the silliness and less seriousness lead to higher engagement and more genuine recognition. 

Studies show that when people feel appreciated in the workplace it boosts morale and helps improve retention rates. People who feel appreciated are generally happier, more productive, and ultimately better for business.

Principles of the Taco Economy

  • Giving a taco should be fun [#LI] Giving a taco should feel good [#LI] Giving a taco should be honest Key Benefits [#LI] Promotes positive communication
 [#LI] Builds camaraderie 
[#LI] Encourages people to show gratitude 
[#LI] Cultivates a culture of appreciation [#LI] Brings company values to life 
[#LI] Increases employee morale 
[#LI] Drives higher engagement 
[#LI] Helps remote teams connect What customers are saying “It's never been more easy or fun to brag on coworkers. HeyTaco has gamified the way we handle internal celebration in the best way possible – and has eliminated our ancient system of handwritten forms and manually categorizing areas we were doing well in.” —Brooks M
 “This is a simple easy way to give a little 'pat on the back' when you notice good work being done.” —Amanda D
 “We really like being able to add rewards for the accrual of tacos and being able to distribute tacos based on people going above and beyond. Great incentive tracking tool.” —Dylin H
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