Edubase Reader for Teams

SilkCode GmbH

E-Book solution for teaching material providers

Edubase Reader offers teaching material providers such as schools, publishers, associations and companies in the education sector a flexible digital solution for content. Edubase Reader is integrated into existing Microsoft 365 applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams) and learning management systems. It provides the complete technical infrastructure: content in the Edubase cloud and MS Teams app. Edubase Reader is a teaching material library and can be used for all conceivable publications, usually based on existing PDF data. Of course, users have cross-device reading rights. Integration in Office 365 applications allows direct access to digital teaching materials and paves the way for collaborative work with the content in the classroom (collaboration). The content can be enriched with any additional materials and functions. Value-added functions: Electronical table of contents, intelligent and fast search, annotated bookmarks, own sharable annotations in the form of texts, pictures, photos and audio comments. Additional materials: Via connected media libraries, users can access further materials such as work aids, forms, videos, etc. All formats are supported. In order to use the app, user need to have an active account in Edubase Reader.

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