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All-in-one performance management tool for Microsoft Teams

All-in-one performance management tool. Set goals/OKRs, organize 1-on-1's, manage tasks, conduct performance reviews, share feedback and recognitions. Create high-performing and engaged teams - even when people are remote.


Have access to an extensive library of customizable performance review templates and conduct effective performance reviews inside Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365. Automate performance review cycles and make the entire performance review process more intuitive with the perfect performance review app.

Goals & OKRs

Integrate goals and OKRs into the flow of work. Whether you are setting group goals, department goals, or individual goals, prioritize them through smart goal labels and keep everyone aligned.


Take your meetings to the next level with intuitive meeting agendas, shared/private meeting notes, recurring action items, and more!


Foster a culture of employee recognition with customizable recognition badges that you can exchange right inside Teams chat.


Conduct employee engagement pulse surveys easily so you can always keep your finger on... the pulse!


Practice 360-degree feedback inside Teams and help your employees grow! Have your pick of some of the best feedback templates out there today.


Boost your productivity and manage your team like a pro with our easy-to-use tasks module, now available right inside Microsoft Outlook and Teams. Assign tasks, align them with goals, and keep track of them with ease!


Take shared or private meeting notes! Have access to them in and out of meetings with Teamflect's perfect integration with OneNote. Keep notes about your direct reports or colleagues and have easy access to those notes whenever you need them!

Power BI Reports

Teamflect converts all the employee engagement and employee performance data into easily digestible and insightful Power BI reports, so leaders can gain crucial insights into their team.

Your dashboard

Teamflect keeps all these features neatly wrapped in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that anyone can navigate! Think of it like an extremely well-organized kitchen. Even a complete stranger can figure out where everything is!

Teamflect provides rich context by getting behavioral data from Microsoft 365 and helps managers access deep insights generated from the daily communications with their direct reports and peers.

NOTE: Microsoft 365 account is required to use Teamflect.

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