RePoint Infoscreen

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Share your key data, metrics and KPIs in a clear, compelling way on your infoscreen.

Simple overview

RePoint infoscreen provides your company with a user-friendly interface to manage infoscreens directly from SharePoint.

You can add multiple infoscreens which is configurable, that can run in cycles. All information that can be pushed to the infoscreen are provided by the Office 365 services and you can also add external websites too. You can add multiple tiles to get as much information on the screen as you like.

Simple administration

  • Flexible setup to all your locations.
  • Information can be provided from URL’s or SharePoint lists.
  • Option to setup time rules on each slide.
  • Option to preview the specific screens before publishing.


Companies may wish to have dynamic information on the screens. We have implemented the option pull news feeds by simple URL’s. If you wish to have other feeds on your screen, we also offer a solution on that.

Show information from different sources

You can fully control which information to be show on each slide, this includes:

  • SharePoint sites or lists
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Websites

Continues updates

RePoint Infoscreens are updated on a regular basis with new functions, bug fixes and are developed from the users’ feedback.

To ensure the newest version and be a part of the development process, you have to buy the license to do so, directly from us.

What do our current customers use the infoscreen for?

  • Reception - Can show the current visitors in the company, company presentations, newsfeeds and meeting rooms.
  • Canteen - Can show the menu, company news and statuses.
  • Production/Stocks - Can show surveillance videos, Key figues/KPI’s.
  • Commercial/Sales/Support - Can show KPI’s, support feedback and other customized lists.

How to get started

1. Download our free trial.

2. Activate the add-on in your SharePoint.

3. Click the new infoscreen tap.

4. Select the “Administration” menu.

5. Set up your infoscreen.

6. Create link for the screen.

7. Put in the link on the infoscreens browser.

We are always prepared to help you get started, just reach out to us.

Fully functional 30-days trial

When accessing RePoint Infoscreen for the first time, a fully functional 30-days trial will automatically be created for you. To purchase the unlimited Add-in, please contact extri:co ( / +45 96 26 87 00)

How to add this app

The easiest way to get this app is by accessing the store through the app catalog and add the app from there (make sure you're the site collection administrator of the app catalog).

If you try to add the app through a normal site collection you will have to request the app. This way the site collection app administrator receives an email from where he can click a link to approve the request before the app can be used.

If you for some reason do not get an email about the request, you can go into the app catalog site and there you will find the app request ready to be approved.

For more information see this video: