Appspace for Outlook

作成者: Appspace, Inc

Microsoft 365 Certified
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Add Appspace room booking, desk hoteling, and resource reservation to Microsoft Outlook.

The Appspace workplace experience platform allows you to manage all of your bookable resources in one place, including rooms, desks, shared spaces, parking lots and more. It doesn’t matter if they are from Office 365 or not, mix and match and reserve anything without leaving Outlook with the Appspace for Outlook add-in.

Sometimes it makes sense to manage your rooms and desk in Office 365, but what about those resources that are managed somewhere else, or worse, aren’t bookable at all? Nobody wants to have to remember which app or which software to use to reserve a space or piece of equipment. By adding all of your resources to Appspace and installing the Appspace for Outlook add-in, you can browse maps, find rooms, filter for amenities, and reserve the right space for your next meeting, right from within Outlook.

Once installed, when you’re setting up a calendar event, simply click the Appspace Places button in the Outlook ribbon and you’ll see the full Appspace space reservation experience inside Outlook. From there you can view floorplans, find neighborhoods and colleagues, filter by location and amenity, reserve and add to your event.

Key Features Include:

  • The full Appspace reservation experience inside Microsoft Outlook
  • The ability to book resources that aren’t managed by Office 365
  • Two way syncing with Microsoft Office 365 to eliminate double booking
  • Interactive building maps and floorplans
  • Find colleagues to foster collaboration
  • Robust search filters to find the perfect space or resource
  • Automatically add conference information for remote attendees

How It Works

  1. Your organization will established an Appspace account and provisioned user accounts
  2. Appspace administrators will add locations and places in Appspace by connecting the organization’s Office 365 account, manually uploading, or creating directly in Appspace
  3. End users may then install the Appspace for Outlook add-in
  4. Click the Appspace Places button in the ribbon and make a reservation
    1. The Appspace for Outlook add-in requires an active Appspace subscription. For more details or assistance setting up Appspace with Microsoft Outlook please reach out to your Appspace account team!


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