DialogPlay Webparts

作成者: TIS Inc.

Embed the chatbot to your sharepoint page. Viewers can resolve their problem by chat with bot.

The Dialogplay webparts will allow users to resolve their problem by chat with bot.

Administrator can embed the chatbot which is created by DialogPlay to your sharepoint page.

About DialogPlay

DialogPlay is enterprise chatbot platform.

You can create a chatbot which is specialized to your problem, FAQ and workflow.


You can create chatbot which is specialized to goal and resolve viewer problems such as following scenarios.

- Viewers can resolve their issue by chat with bot.

- Viewers can register or update their reservation by chat with bot.

- Viewers can manage external services(Office365, workflow, etc) by chat with bot.

Getting started

* You must create an account in the DialogPlay service and create chatbot before use this web parts. Please sign in or sign up from following URL and create chatbot.

1. Sign in or sign up to the DialogPlay dashboard.

2. Follow steps in guide page to create chatbot and publish it.

3. Copy the application token from the DialogPlay dashboard.

4. Add this webparts to your sharepoint page.

5. Configure webparts with the application token, chatbot title and display mode.


DialogPlay serve following plans to users.

- Trial plan in 30days is free.

- Lite plan for simple conversation with chatbot.

- Standard plan support analyzing conversation logs, more complex scenario and external services.

- Advance plan support the Office365 and Salesforce integration, authorization and audit.

Please show plan details on plan table on official page.