XM Fax (US)

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Use the XM Fax app to securely send documents from Microsoft Teams.

XM Fax integration with Microsoft Teams lets users send faxes directly from Microsoft Teams in a secured and streamlined fashion. The XM Fax Microsoft Teams application eliminates mishandling of sensitive information by allowing users to manage document transmissions without leaving Microsoft Teams – so no printing or device switching.

OpenText™ XM Fax™ is an enterprise-grade digital fax solution offering businesses of all sizes the features and functionality they need to keep communications flowing. XM Fax solution provides complete encryption for faxes with centralized traceability for easier audits and optional zero retention settings to further ensure document protection. XM Fax enhances productivity, reduces costs and helps organizations comply the with highest security requirements.

An XM Fax cloud account is required to use the Microsoft Teams XM Fax application.

Important: XM Fax has three Microsoft Teams apps. Make sure to select the appropriate version based on the location of your XM Fax account.

The xmedius domain corresponds to the region of your enterprise account:

* For – select XM Fax (US)

* For – select XM Fax (CA)

* For – select XM Fax (EMEA)

To learn more about XM Fax, please visit our [web site](


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