Generative AI Tools for Excel

作成者: BusyBee, Inc

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Enhance Excel with our add-in for ChatGPT (OpenAI) & Gemini (Google) integration.

Leverage the power of OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Gemini directly from Excel with our innovative add-in. Transform your Excel environment into a dynamic AI-powered workspace by expressing your queries through familiar Excel formulas. Our add-in enriches your data analysis and processing capabilities by offering specialized functions that enable you to obtain AI responses within context and classify text effortlessly—tasks that previously required extensive training data and were challenging to execute directly through the API.

Starting with our February 2024 release, we're excited to introduce support for ChatGPT's advanced image recognition capabilities and fine-tuning options, expanding the breadth of your analytical and creative projects.

To access these powerful features, you must have active subscriptions to both the OpenAI API and Google Gemini API. Please ensure you have your paid accounts ready at OpenAI API and Google Gemini API.

Upon integrating this add-in into your Excel, you'll unlock the following cutting-edge functions:

  • BB.ASK(): Engage with the AI in a question-and-answer format to receive direct responses.
  • BB.CATEGORIZE(): Submit text alongside potential categories to the AI, and it will identify the most relevant classification.
  • BB.CHAT(): Initiate a conversational thread with the AI, prompting it to continue the dialogue.
  • BB.LOOKAT(): Present images to the AI for descriptive analysis and interpretation.

  • Empower your Excel spreadsheets with the intelligence and versatility of AI, enhancing your productivity and expanding the scope of what's possible with data.


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