Mandomartis Scrum Board

作成者: Mandomartis

Tablet optimized Scrum Board web part. It has multiple projects and drag and drop.

This is a completely free and advanced Scrum board for Sharepoint 2013 which can be placed as a web part or be used full screen. It supports multiple projects with their own set of sprints and three status colors on notes. You can have as much columns that you want (or fits). It's fully drag and drop but also works without it in order to support tablets.

The app will automatically create necessary Sharepoint lists for projects, sprints and scrum notes on your site, which you have full control over. If you get rid of the app, the lists will still be there.

It's a Sharepoint-hosted app which requires tenancy on your Sharepoint collection. No server side code is used. Internet Explorer versions 8 and earlier are not supported.