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IvyCite help researchers insert citations and bibliography to their paper manuscripts.

Cite references in your Word manuscript

IvyCite add-in for word helps researchers and scientists manage citations and bibliography in their word manuscripts. The add-in could be used directly without having IvySci installed, though we suggesting trying IvySci first.

IvySci Features:

- All IvySci references are synchronized automatically into IvyCite

- Pick or Search for references by project and insert your selections to any manuscript you're writing

- Multiple references could be inserted as a citation group

- Remove or modify citations with just a click. Users don't need to delete them first.

- Bibliography can be generated and refreshed automatically

- Change citation style according to your journal. IvyCite supports thousands of citation styles.

About IvySci:

IvySci is a scholar paper management application that helps scientists and researchers to manage science papers by projects and labels. Being a smart science assistant, IvySci provides the following features:

1. Managing papers by projects and labels

2. Tracking references in paper and downloading references into the current project;

3. Comparing figures and tables with the author's interpretations;

4. Looking up terms in dictionary and Wikipedia;

5. Translating sentences and paragraphs;

6. Making highlights and annotations with tagged notes

7. Managing paper notes by projects and labels

Researchers utilize IvySci to read papers, make notes, and write manuscript outlines. All of the papers with annotations and notes are synchronized in the cloud without any risk of losing critical data. By utilizing the categorizing method such as projects and labels, researchers could get both their papers and their ideas easily and quickly.

To use IvySci and IvyCite, You'll need a free account, which could be signed up by downloading IvySci from We suggest you trying IvySci before managing citations in your manuscript.

Both IvySci and IvyCite are in a quickly developing stage. We have new features released every two weeks. For more information about the most recent releases, please keep a close eye on our feedback page: Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.


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