UI Bakery

作成者: Akveo

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A low code platform for building internal tools 10 times faster based on existing data sources

UI Bakery is a visual internal tool builder meant to save your development time. Built with a convention over configuration paradigm in mind, UI Bakery relieves you from the need to carry out default configuration.

UI Bakery has the following key features: 

  • Autogenerate and automatically configure UI components.
  • Natively connect your internal tool to your data sources via SQL queries, HTTP requests.
  • Add complex business logic, workflows, sequences, conditions.
  • Write custom JavaScript code and connect JavaScript libraries where needed.
  • Build new components using React or jQuery.
  • Debug and test your internal tool, handle errors, receive error notifications.
  • Automatically publish your internal tool and easily invite end-users.

With UI Bakery, you have no need to:

  • Develop a UI from scratch and use CSS.
  • Bother about npm modules and JavaScript libraries updates.
  • Manually build pipelines and deploy your app.
  • Wrestle with access controls and data privacy.

Since UI Bakery is low-code (not no-code), you need to have a basic web development understanding (how to make requests to servers, operate with variables, etc.). UI Bakery is more suitable for use by software developers, database architects, data engineers. 

Components you can operate within UI Bakery: 

  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Details
  • Charts
  • Metrics
  • Button
  • Inputs
  • Trees
  • Images, etc.

You can build your internal tool in UI Bakery in 4 steps:

  1. Connect your data source. It can be a database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, and more), a business app (Stripe, Hubspot, Airtable, Salesforce, Twilio, etc.), or a custom HTTP API.
  2. Load and send your data, add navigations, conditions, business logic, make API calls using Actions. Add the custom pieces of code where you need to modify your app.
  3. Assemble your internal tool UI by drag-and-dropping any of the prebuilt Components. Connect the created Actions to the added Components.
  4. When your app UI and the business logic are ready – publish your internal tool, invite users. Set the user permissions in UI Bakery as you need.