Altametris Suite


Comprehensive platform to acquire data on infrastructures and transform it in business knowledge

[This application is available in French and English]


All asset intensive industries - network infrastructures (transport, energy, water, telecommunications), distributed installations (wind or photovoltaic farms) or open-air sites (waste, mines, quarries, petrochemicals, construction) - share similar operational and maintenance issues. Inspection methodology, access to information, security and availability of facilities are all recurring challenges in the lifecycle of assets.
The result is costly operations that carry operational risks which turns out to boil down to a single matter: acquiring knowledge about the asset. Indeed, it translates into being able to study the field, assess maintenance needs, assess the volume of stock, inventory the asset, or even follow the progress of projects. It could be summarized as have data available to make the right maintenance or operating decision.
Digitizing these operations on industrial assets to optimize knowledge and traceability represents a great potential for infrastructure managers to achieve the optimal balance between performance, availability, cost and risk.

Our online platform automates the entire cycle of creating and analyzing digital twins:
Data acquisition: compatible with any type of vector (drone, helicopter, land vehicle) and any type of sensor (visible, thermal, LiDAR) in order to collect data in an agile, non-intrusive manner and without disrupting industrial operations (no service interruption).
Processing and analysis: generation of 2D / 3D views enriched by the application of intelligent business processes (classification, detection of defects or changes, etc.) in order to eliminate tedious tasks outside your core business and allow you to focus completely your expertise on your high added value missions.
Visualization and operation: easy-to-use, intuitive and collaborative interface for viewing in 2D / 3D / 4D with the right tooling for measuring, superimposing, comparing, annotating and using the available data in order to enhance and share knowledge.

  • Maximise your expertise thanks to a digital twin always available,
  • Increased uptime through live asset inspection,
  • Reliability, stability, and reproducibility of measurements at any point of the asset,
  • Faster decision-making, based on more valuable information.