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Get an overview of IT assets from acquisition to disposal, all in one single place of truth.

With our IT asset management software, you can keep track of what assets you have, where they are deployed, who is responsible for them, and when their warranties expire so that you can easily plan hardware renewal. Get a one-stop overview of all software and hardware, from purchase to retirement. All the information on hand in a few clicks – for technicians, IT support, and everyday users alike.

Is tracking assets a hassle because of dozens of manual spreadsheets that lead to manual error and take too much effort?

Asset Management provides a unified platform for managing the complete IT asset lifecycle workflows, including planning, acquiring, implementing, maintaining, and retiring. Moreover, our IT Asset tree structure saves time spent on spreadsheets to locate or manage certain specific assets. This enables you to analyze reliability, control costs, and prevent issues associated with neglect.

Are your IT costs increasing due to inefficient use of resources due to hardware renewals and license costs? Is planning IT budgets and preparing reports painful?

Get data you can actually trust. Asset Management automatically notifies you of incomplete device data, unlicensed software, warranty expiration of IT equipment, or outdated device licenses. ALVAO gives you access to hard audit data whenever you need it, even if it comes tomorrow. Forecasting future needs will save you costs and thousands of hours with real-time data.

Thanks to Software Asset Management, you can simplify how you purchase, deploy, maintain, and dispose of IT software licenses. ALVAO supports all licensing models and automates the licensing assigning exactly according to your requirements. This allows you to reduce the time and effort involved in efficiently providing licenses to those who need them.

  • Take advantage of mature ITAM functionalities such as self-service inventory audit or SAM (Software Asset Management).
  • Discover HW/SW using ALVAO agent, MS SCCM, or MS Intune integration that eliminates the hassle to manage multiple systems.
  • Complete ITSM/ITAM workflows without juggling multiple applications.
  • Get a structured view of your IT infrastructure, provide more security, and speed up the resolution with ALVAO Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • Drag and drop functionality makes asset assignment simple, with full asset history records.
  • Seamlessly synchronized data from Active Directory.
  • Easy integration with REST API to connect it with third-party applications such as ERPs or SAP.

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