BitDam Lucky Meter


BitDam Lucky Meter

Leading email security products miss 20-40% of the unknown cyber threats every day. It takes them 24-48 hours on average to start recognizing them as threats (source).

Use BitDam Lucky Meter to check how exposed your mailbox is to these unknown cyber threats emerging every day.

BitDam Lucky Meter measures the Miss Rate at first encounter and Time To Detect (TTD) in your live environment, and provides you with the Missed Attack Feed. Continuously challenging your email security with the most recent cyber threats seen in the wild, it provides you with your current exposure through an intuitive dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous insight into your email security posture through an intuitive dashboard
  • Uses real cyber threats that are still active and relevant
  • Fast and easy registration - nothing to install
  • Zero overhead to IT team
  • 100% safe

How it works

BitDam Lucky Meter is continuously retrieving very fresh samples of malicious files from various feeds and sources, qualifying them as unknown threats, and then sending them to the mailbox you have designated for this purpose. No matter if the designated mailbox is protected by Office365 ATP, G-Suite Enterprise, ProofPoint or any other security product, you will gain insight into how many cyber threats would have penetrated it in almost real-time.