Lift Manager by Bosch.IO

Bosch.IO GmbH

Get insights into the lifts in your building

The Lift Manager by Bosch.IO is a cloud-based Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) jointly developed by Bosch.IO and TÜV SÜD to put building owners in control of their lift operations and maintenance. The solution consists of a hardware component which must be placed on the lift car top and a software component.


The Lift Manager tracks each connected lift status and monitors its parameters, providing insights into lift usage patterns. Thanks to its predictive analytics, capability, operation and performance analytics and anomaly detection, the Lift Manager allows the user to optimize lift servicing, predict and prevent breakdowns.


The solution is brand-agnostic – lifts can be retrofitted with sensors and connected into one system regardless of their brand or model. Lifts situated across different locations can also be connected and monitored via a single interface. You may find a detailed service description attached.