Churchill Cannibalization Demand Forecaster v5.0

作成者: Churchill Systems Inc.

Effectively predict the impact of demand on related items, as well as items within a category.

The decisions Retailers make when managing various categories have a direct impact on the consumer demand.  Decisions in pricing, promotions, assortment planning and more will affect demand for the items involved as well as related items.  
Therefore, Retailer planners must ask themselves:
  1. How will a change to one item impact the demand for related items?
  2. Will my promotion or markdown strategy achieve my goals for the Category?
  3. Is my Assortment in line with my demand?  Too many lines?  What if I add a new style?

Churchill's Cannibalization Demand Forecaster, or CANN predicts the  indirect impact of demand on items caused by various activities:
  • Promotions
  • Regular and Markdown Price Changes
  • Assortment  within a Category (Depth and Range)
  • The Halo Effect
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