Churchill Replenishment Demand Forecaster v5.0

作成者: Churchill Systems Inc.

Forecasting requires a solid foundation. RDF provides a dynamic base demand for "basic" items.

Churchill’s Replenishment Demand Forecaster™ (RDF) is powerful software that enables retailers to accurately forecast their basic item needs. One of the hallmarks of RDF is its ability to handle either high volume or fractional requirements. Forecasts can be daily, weekly, monthly or periodic demand at the distribution center or store level.
Features include:
•Multiple forecasting algorithms             • Dynamic model stock algorithms    
•Algorithm optimization functionality     • Event and calendar shifting functionality
• Automated seasonal profiling               • Fractional unit forecasting 
• Extreme scalability                                 • Full integration capabilities

Churchill's Replenishment Demand Forecaster automates demand forecasting and creates the foundation for other Demand Intelligence software solutions.  Contact Churchill today to get started!