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Test AI detection of vehicle damage, total loss prediction, and repair estimates using Claim Genius

Today, even though the world has witnessed unbelievable technological advancements, processing auto claims is often a slow and painful process. For carriers, settling a claim can take days, require multiple handoffs, administrative bottlenecks and cost hundreds of dollars. For insureds, waiting for a claim to be processed can be frustrating, confusing, and disruptive. Surely there must be a better way

Introducing GeniusCLAIM - Claim Genius's revolutionary platform that helps insurance carriers reduce costly processing delays through the use of patent pending artificial intelligence (AI) damage estimation technology. Using GeniusCLAIM carriers can: 

  • Quickly upload accident photos of their damaged vehicle via Claim Genius's mobile GeniusAPP. 
  • Assess vehicle damage, affected parts, repair/replace decisions, and total loss status, including line-by-line repair costs 
  • Make a point-of-accident determination of how best to route a vehicle for resolution and repair 
  • Settle total loss and low severity claims  with over 90% accuracy, getting drivers back on the road faster. 
  • Integrate Claim Genius into carrier systems and workflows quickly and easily using our GeniusAPIs and expert engineering team. 
Using GeniusCLAIM, carriers can reduce claim processing time and loss adjustment expense (LAE) by over 50%, increase throughput and profitability, and reduce customer churn. 
Our SaaS trial allows you to "kick the tires" and get a feel for how the technology can improve your firms processes. More details can be obtained by visiting our web site