Asset Management Solution

作成者: Flyte

Efficiently Track and Manage Assets within your Organisation.

The Flyte Asset Management solution provides a cost effective, lightweight and effective platform to manage, distribute and track organisational assets, all while integrating into your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

Want to reduce admin time around distribution of Assets? The Asset Management solution is built around a user friendly interface with the essential functions to manage and distribute assets. Assets can be quick checked in and out, logging digital signatures on receipt while integrating the process directly into Outlook and Teams.

Key Features Include-

- Quick Check in and out of Assets.

- Easy Add and Manage of Assets to Library.

- Capture receipt of assets using Microsoft Teams and Outlook Approvals.

- Warranty expiry notifications to help plan Asset renewal.

- PowerBI reporting to track Assets by individual User, User Type (Employees, Contractors, etc) or Asset Condition.

Have any bespoke requirements? Our in-house Development team are able to work with you to develop a tailored solution which integrates into and optimises your existing business processes.

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